Use of tiresome in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tiresome at the start of sentence, tiresome at the end of sentence and tiresome in the middle of sentence

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tiresome at the end of sentence

  1. The children were being very tiresome.
  2. Awards shows can get awfully tiresome.
  3. The children were being rather tiresome.
  4. His doubts and hesitations were tiresome.
  5. I must say I find his schoolboy humour rather tiresome.
  6. So we must warn that percussion can easily be overworked and become tiresome.
  7. And besides, Kip was having fun at my expense, and that too had become newly tiresome.

tiresome in the middle of sentence

  1. It has been a tiresome day.
  2. He can be a very tiresome child at times.
  3. That could lead to tiresome complications.
  4. Selling your house can be a tiresome business.
  5. Buying a house can be a very tiresome business.
  6. Regular weeding is a tiresome but essential job.
  7. These tiresome creatures eat holes in the leaves.
  8. He spent his life in pointlessly tiresome drudgery.
  9. More extreme cold is tiresome as well as dangerous.
  10. Frank's efforts at flirtation had become tiresome to her.
  11. I find it very tiresome doing the same job day after day.
  12. I developed a tiresome cough that kept me awake all night.
  13. He has the tiresome habit of finishing your sentences for you.
  14. The boys' hormone-driven posturings get pretty tiresome pretty fast.
  15. He was no more to her, he thought, than a tiresome old man, an old fool.
  16. Agreeing operational requirements is the first and most tiresome obstacle.
  17. What others do on automatic pilot becomes a tiresome, anxious, effortful task.
  18. Ned would never neglect a duty, however tiresome, never put his own comfort first.
  19. In town, this becomes tiresome and the £359 optional power assistance looks a good bet.
  20. Soon, however, she confessed to finding Mrs Tillotson a fusspot and Alice a tiresome chatterbox.
  21. This was relatively easy in the published bibliography, but made for many tiresome expansions online.
  22. Those in my tiresome generation who thought 25 years ago it was so very distinctive, so in, to swear.

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