Use of irksome in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include irksome at the start of sentence, irksome at the end of sentence and irksome in the middle of sentence

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irksome at the end of sentence

  1. I found the restrictions irksome.
  2. The presentation is intriguing, the text mostly irksome.
  3. There is certainly much work which is exceedingly irksome.
  4. But it is much really since these a few months a bit irksome.
  5. The Kremlin found PWC's failure to unearth any flaws in Yukos's accounts irksome.
  6. But she had risen early and found that staying put with nothing to do was growing more and more irksome.
  7. The dermatologists and plastic surgeons I interviewed noted that creases bestowing an angry or saturnine look (usually forehead furrows) on their bearers are particularly irksome.

irksome in the middle of sentence

  1. It is an irksome task.
  2. She always speaks irksome complaints.
  3. It is irksome to listen to his constant complaints.
  4. What an irksome task the writing of long letters is.
  5. I find it really irksome when people jump in front of me in a line.
  6. But I must confess it is by far the most irksome I have ever tried.
  7. And then all ties were irksome, all earthly attachments unnecessary.
  8. The irksome process of ingrown hair removal is not like it used to be.
  9. The only surprising thing was that it was all less irksome than he had imagined.
  10. It was too irksome to lie there, harassing my brain with a hundred idle misgivings.
  11. Suspense is irksome, disappointment , bitter, all the world has, some time or other.
  12. Compiling computer program is an irksome task to one who is not apt at logical thinking.
  13. When the poetry hadn't come, the job too had seemed not only irksome but occasionally repellent.
  14. This must have been irksome for them, but Mrs Webster accepted it as her war work with good grace.
  15. However, the door has an irksome magical effect: a variety of a Rune of Renewal is etched into the wood.
  16. I could tell her how carefully I have contrived to avoid difficulties and evade irksome responsibilities.
  17. Of course it is irksome to have to persuade one's fellow states, many of which act out of ignoble motives.
  18. As irksome as potential dilution is, shareholders may be equally annoyed at the likely reason for the delay.
  19. Naturally, the more mature individuals survive the effects of these irksome stumbling blocks better than the others.
  20. After five minutes of irksome and constrained conversation, they heard the sound of slippered feet approaching rapidly.
  21. The mentality that produces such a procedure is not just unacceptable itself - as well as irksome to would-be candidates.
  22. The two most obvious and irksome are subjection to satraps and extortion of tribute, including personal military service.

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