Use of wearisome in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include wearisome at the start of sentence, wearisome at the end of sentence and wearisome in the middle of sentence

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wearisome at the end of sentence

  1. This is beginning to get wearisome.
  2. Walking in the burning sunshine wearisome.
  3. Simple repetitive tasks can be very wearisome.
  4. Other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome.
  5. Walking in the burning sunshine makes people wearisome.
  6. Sympathising with him eventually becomes somewhat wearisome.
  7. I was beginning to find her endless chatter very wearisome.
  8. It seemed to be essential to her sense of identity, but I was finding it wearisome.
  9. Metaphorical bloodstains drench these precious stones, however, which makes a visit to the exhibition both eerie and wearisome.
  10. Sitting at a crowded table with men who did not share a common language with you, listening to them talk and jape whilst understanding none of it, had quickly grown wearisome.

wearisome in the middle of sentence

  1. I am doing a wearisome work.
  2. That was a wearisome meeting.
  3. She feels wearisome by the constant noise.
  4. To many that belongs to the familiar wearisome pattern of abuse.
  5. It's hard to describe just how wearisome all this is in performance.
  6. The fear of protracted, wearisome and painful dying can be stronger.
  7. This is a familiar, even rather worn-out and wearisome form of irony.
  8. But Dole, at 73, comes to bat very late in a long and wearisome game.
  9. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating.
  10. She grew cross and wearisome, snapping at and teasing Catherine continually.
  11. Of all the wearisome faces the face of his pretty wife seemed to bore him most.
  12. wearisome as this topic has become , Mr Maitland achieves nothing by skirting it.
  13. But before I had finished this wearisome task, the cheque arrived out of the blue.
  14. To be in company even with the best is soon wearisome and dissipating . love alone.
  15. When you realize that's the way the world is you'll feel that it's a wearisome place.
  16. Waiting is the most wearisome of all activities - if, indeed, it can be called an activity.
  17. BIOGRAPHIES can be wearisome contrivances , often too long and too detailed for their own good.
  18. It gives readers that necessary tug which will take them through all sorts of possibly wearisome matters to the final page.

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