Use of thankless in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include thankless at the start of sentence, thankless at the end of sentence and thankless in the middle of sentence

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thankless at the start of sentence

  1. Thankless task of living.

thankless at the end of sentence

  1. Don't tell him, Joe, that I was thankless.

thankless in the middle of sentence

  1. He is a thankless child.
  2. This is really a thankless task.
  3. Soccer referees have a thankless task.
  4. Cooking every day is a thankless task.
  5. In some ways that was a thankless task.
  6. Giving advice is usually a thankless act.
  7. Do-gooding is often tough, thankless work.
  8. It seems an exhausting and thankless task.
  9. They seldom labour their wits on thankless task.
  10. Nobody was keen to take on such a thankless task.
  11. This president business is a pretty thankless job.
  12. Who on earth would volunteer for such a thankless task?
  13. Roosevelt was reluctant to undertake the thankless task.
  14. It was a thankless job, so we choked him off before long.
  15. Keeping the children's rooms tidy is a thankless task/job.
  16. DEFENDING American capitalism these days is a thankless job.
  17. Such parts are often considered to be thankless, unrewarding.
  18. Volunteers had the thankless task of distributing campaign leaflets.
  19. Sometimes being a mother and a housewife felt like a thankless task .
  20. Being a father ( parent ) is - let's face it - a pretty thankless job.
  21. Looking for reasoning in the forex markets is a thankless task so we won't bother.
  22. Dole stands up and shoulders the practical and often thankless burden of political leadership.
  23. Policing this activity to ensure submission of the reports is an unenviable and thankless task.
  24. Shakur has charisma, and, luckily, the less thankless role: at least his character has a vestige of scruples.
  25. As every true Cornishman knows, it was the wicked Tregeagle who was supposedly punished with this thankless task.
  26. The thankless task of untangling fake votes from real ones falls to an electoral watchdog dominated by UN-appointed foreigners.

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