Use of slow in Sentences. 18 Examples

The examples include slow at the start of sentence, slow at the end of sentence and slow in the middle of sentence

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slow at the start of sentence

  1. Slow help is no help.
  2. Slow down - you're driving too fast.
  3. Slow down, you two, you're walking too fast!
  4. Slow down - you're breaking the speed limit.

slow in the middle of sentence

  1. He walked with a slow stiff gait.
  2. He died a slow and painful death.
  3. This is the slow lane of a motorway.
  4. Unloading the cargo was a slow process.
  5. We are making slow but steady progress.
  6. The traffic was moving at a slow crawl.
  7. She has a slow, deliberate way of talking.
  8. Collecting data is a painfully slow process.
  9. The car was travelling at a very slow speed.
  10. Before turning, you should slow down your car.
  11. She had the slow, soft voice of a countrywoman.
  12. The piece ends with a truly poetic slow movement.
  13. "Howdy, pardner," he said in his slow Texan drawl.
  14. The slow movement is wonderfully moody and rhapsodic.

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