Use of frigid in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include frigid at the start of sentence, frigid at the end of sentence and frigid in the middle of sentence

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frigid at the start of sentence

  1. Frigid gusts were driving swells in past the mole.

frigid at the end of sentence

  1. My husband says I am frigid.
  2. I was depressed, withdrawn and sexually frigid.
  3. Modigliani arrived quite sober for the occasion but when the two painters came to discuss their work the conversation became dangerously frigid.

frigid in the middle of sentence

  1. His breath steamed in the frigid air.
  2. There was a frigid atmosphere in the room.
  3. The guard looked at us with a frigid stare.
  4. The mustache spread in Slote's old frigid grin.
  5. There's a rather frigid atmosphere in the school.
  6. Few plants can grow in such a frigid environment.
  7. Tropic zone shows a higher diversity than frigid zone.
  8. The temperature dropped as soon as the frigid lands appeared.
  9. Asia extends across the frigid, temperate and tropical zones.
  10. Isabelle Huppert dominates the film with slightly frigid poise.
  11. A frigid wind surged through the arches, producing a ghoulish whine.
  12. A snowstorm hit the West today, bringing with it frigid temperatures.
  13. In this frigid season, crowds lined up to buy sugar, milk, chocolate and potatoes.
  14. Five-ton Sahib turned from frigid to frisky during a specially-staged concert of rousing tunes.
  15. At night, they sleep on hammocks in plastic-sheeting shelters or on the frigid, rain-soaked earth.
  16. The frigid opening of every congressional and presidential term inspires a bounty of new proposals.
  17. She was frigid and strait-laced and therefore somewhat ill-equipped to keep me on the straight and narrow.
  18. Wide-eyed children bounced on the knees of smiling nurses in rooms well heated against a frigid winter day.
  19. Likewise, during the frigid eras of ice sheet advances, numerous brief episodes of extreme warming occurred.
  20. The frigid lands, to my way of thinking, provide good support of the Catastrophe Theory of Earth's evolution.
  21. On Friday morning we awoke to frigid temperatures and a San Juan River running at about 500 cubic feet per second.
  22. There was lots of kissing and hair-stroking going on, which always makes onlookers feel rather frigid and inadequate.
  23. Within several months of landing, the daily shock of frigid cold and oven heat will crack the brain chips into uselessness.
  24. The character of the pine and cypress is shown in frigid winter ; the sincerity of one's friend is shown in adverse circumstances.
  25. The limited excitements of training on Putney Heath were paradisal to some one faced with patrolling the altogether frigid wastes of Willesden.

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