Use of icy in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include icy at the start of sentence, icy at the end of sentence and icy in the middle of sentence

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icy at the end of sentence

  1. My hands are icy.

icy in the middle of sentence

  1. My feet were icy cold.
  2. An icy wind bit our faces.
  3. The bath water was icy cold.
  4. An icy chill slid up my spine.
  5. The icy wind nipped at our faces.
  6. The icy wind cut right through us.
  7. It's no joke driving on icy roads.
  8. She fell headlong into the icy pool.
  9. The car slewed round on the icy road.
  10. The icy breeze nipped the young blooms.
  11. She tried to get a grip on the icy rock.
  12. I fell headlong into a pool of icy water.
  13. A few hardy people swam in the icy water.
  14. The icy coldness of the water revived her.
  15. She fixed her questioner with an icy glare.
  16. An icy wind blew hard across the open spaces.
  17. He hesitated before diving into the icy water.
  18. Her expression sent an icy tremor through him.
  19. When it's icy,(.com/icy.html) move off in second.
  20. They were spreading grit and salt on the icy roads.
  21. I found it hard to keep my balance on the icy path.
  22. He should not brake the car abruptly on an icy road.
  23. He braced himself for the icy plunge into the black water.
  24. Several pedestrians had come to grief on the icy pavement.
  25. Air travellers were left stranded because of icy conditions.
  26. The door opened and an icy blast of wind swept through the room.
  27. I try to figure to myself what would have happened if I had fallen into the icy water.
  28. She needed all her powers of concentration to stop herself from slipping on the icy road.

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