Use of unfriendly in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include unfriendly at the start of sentence, unfriendly at the end of sentence and unfriendly in the middle of sentence

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unfriendly at the end of sentence

  1. Are the British unfriendly?
  2. His tone is rather unfriendly.
  3. His tone was curt and unfriendly.
  4. I find her very aloof and unfriendly.
  5. The old man looked cross and unfriendly.
  6. The driver's manner was very unfriendly.
  7. Some people find her aloof and unfriendly.
  8. His manner all evening was cold and unfriendly.
  9. She has a very formal manner, which can seem unfriendly.
  10. Parisians on the street often looked worried, hurried and unfriendly.

unfriendly in the middle of sentence

  1. He was not unfriendly with me.
  2. She was really unfriendly to me.
  3. Ell wasn't unfriendly to Bernice.
  4. Our neighbours are unfriendly to us.
  5. He was distinctly unfriendly towards me.
  6. She has a rather cold, unfriendly manner.
  7. Judy spoke in a loud, rather unfriendly voice.
  8. There's no need to be so unfriendly towards them.
  9. Our golf club is run by a very unfriendly clique .
  10. She always prattles her secret to unfriendly ears.
  11. The villagers were really quite unfriendly towards us.
  12. Some company members were unfriendly to the new recruit.
  13. I didn't think he was unfriendly. I put him down as shy.
  14. She seems unfriendly at first, but she's really very nice.
  15. We have created cities that are unfriendly to pedestrians.
  16. An unfriendly attitude of the shop-assistant often annoys customers.
  17. She had an unfriendly manner which did not exactly endear her to her colleagues.
  18. It is not fair for him to be permanently unfriendly to someone who has hurt him.
  19. People always complain that the big banks and big companies are unfriendly and unhelpful.

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