Use of distant in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include distant at the start of sentence, distant at the end of sentence and distant in the middle of sentence

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distant at the end of sentence

  1. The airport was about 20 kilometres distant.
  2. The sound of the engine was growing more and more distant.

distant in the middle of sentence

  1. That is a distant country.
  2. He is my distant relative.
  3. Peace was just a distant hope .
  4. I heard a burst of distant gunfire .
  5. He was mute, distant, and indifferent.
  6. Her honeymoon seemed a distant memory .
  7. I have been banished to a distant corridor.
  8. Her boyfriend is a distant relative of mine.
  9. A bosom friend afar brings distant land near.
  10. There was a distant resemblance between them.
  11. Astronomers have discovered a distant galaxy.
  12. The sea stretched away to the distant horizon.
  13. We could just hear the distant wail of a siren.
  14. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.
  15. The mountains rolled away to a distant horizon.
  16. I could hear the constant hum of distant traffic.
  17. The distant mountains looked hazy and mysterious.
  18. The foreign visitors came from a distant country.
  19. The time we spent together is now a distant memory.
  20. Quasars are the highly energetic cores of distant galaxies.
  21. Even his children found him strangely distant and impersonal.
  22. At night, lights twinkle in distant villages across the valleys.
  23. The only sounds were the distant, melancholy cries of the sheep.
  24. Sundry distant relatives, most of whom I hardly recognized, turned up for my brother's wedding.
  25. To me, they hide in the depths of your soul; be a distant dream, every dream will exceed your goal.
  26. We haven't seen each other for a long time. May maple bring my love and sow seeds of spring; Under the same starry sky, let us, the distant two, weave a garland of missing.

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