Use of remote in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include remote at the start of sentence, remote at the end of sentence and remote in the middle of sentence

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remote at the end of sentence

  1. Her manner was polite but remote.
  2. The prospect of peace seems remote.
  3. The connection between the two events is remote.
  4. Adulthood and responsibility seemed impossibly remote.
  5. I'm afraid your chances of success are rather remote.

remote in the middle of sentence

  1. The thing happened in the remote past.
  2. They lived in a remote mountain village.
  3. The bomb was detonated by remote control.
  4. He died in oblivion in a remote village.
  5. How do you operate the remote control unit?
  6. The monastery is in a remote mountain pass.
  7. His theories are somewhat remote from reality.
  8. The bandits fled to a remote mountain hideaway.
  9. The farmhouse is remote from any other buildings.
  10. Tourists are still a novelty on this remote island.
  11. In remote mountain areas, voters arrived on horseback.
  12. Have you seen the remote control for the TV anywhere?
  13. Landslides have cut off many villages in remote areas.
  14. Nichols set off for his remote farmhouse in Connecticut.
  15. The remote desert area is accessible only by helicopter.
  16. That remote barren land has blossomed into rich granaries.
  17. The quake destroyed mud buildings in many remote villages.
  18. There's a remote chance that you can catch him before he leaves.
  19. These remote islands are inhabited only by birds and small animals.
  20. Your comments are rather remote from the subject we are discussing.
  21. It happened in the remote past, so no one worries about it any more.
  22. It is possible to plug into remote databases to pick up information.
  23. In remote regions, the air is pure and the crops are free of poisonous insecticides.
  24. The diploma course would offer remote access to course materials via the Internet's world wide web.

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