Use of reserved in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include reserved at the start of sentence, reserved at the end of sentence and reserved in the middle of sentence

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reserved at the end of sentence

  1. Helen was diffident and reserved.
  2. He was unemotional, quite quiet, and reserved.
  3. May I sit here, or is this seat/table reserved?
  4. Seats, or sometimes entire tables, were reserved.
  5. The English have a reputation for being reserved.

reserved in the middle of sentence

  1. We reserved a double room.
  2. I reserved a room for tonight.
  3. Ellen was a shy, reserved girl.
  4. He's a reserved, taciturn person.
  5. A separate room is reserved for smokers.
  6. He reserved the right to change his mind.
  7. I've reserved a room in the name of Jones.
  8. I have ticket reserved for today's matinee.
  9. They had obligingly reserved a room for me.
  10. I reserved a double room at the Lamb Hotel.
  11. These seats are reserved for special guests.
  12. I have reserved a room for you at the hotel.
  13. The car park is reserved for customers only.
  14. We reserved two tickets in the name of Brown.
  15. The quarterdeck is usually reserved for officers.
  16. I reserved a corner table in my favourite restaurant.
  17. The star has a ski slope reserved exclusively for her.
  18. She reserved her most withering scorn for journalists.
  19. This problem should be reserved for further consideration.
  20. British men are often seen as being reserved and unemotional.
  21. Is your holiday a reserved booking,[sentence dictionary] sir?
  22. The self-catering flats are usually reserved for postgraduate students.
  23. A double room with a balcony overlooking the sea had been reserved for him.
  24. I've come to collect my tickets - I reserved them by phone yesterday in the name of Tremin.

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