Use of snobbish in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include snobbish at the start of sentence, snobbish at the end of sentence and snobbish in the middle of sentence

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snobbish at the start of sentence

  1. Snobbish home-owners are protesting about a refugee family moving into their street.
  2. Snobbish Rufus had not thought it possible for some one like that to live there, but why not, after all?

snobbish at the end of sentence

  1. Her family seems snobbish.
  2. Aunt Harriet was very rich and very snobbish.
  3. The motive behind such words is austere rather than snobbish.
  4. He was a cheapskate of Scroogelike dimensions, vengeful and snobbish.
  5. We thought this rather a joke but his concern was academic, not snobbish.

snobbish in the middle of sentence

  1. My brother is very snobbish about cars.
  2. When I say this, I feel me like a snobbish flunky .
  3. She's much too snobbish to stay at that plain hotel.
  4. I don't like her new friends - they're a snobbish lot.
  5. I would have been insufferably snobbish and complacent.
  6. Some people find her snobbish, but she's really just shy.
  7. She's very snobbish about people who live in the suburbs.
  8. How to get a confidant in this snobbish practical society?
  9. He accused her of being snobbish and emotionally inhibited.
  10. They had a snobbish dislike for their intellectual and social inferiors.
  11. She knew it was snobbish, that she was just like any other package holiday-maker.
  12. There should be no snobbish mockery of catering or fashion design as university subjects.
  13. He does not think much of the Midwest, which he calls a backward, dumb but snobbish place.
  14. Pip now falls into a snobbish habit of connecting high social status with moral superiority.
  15. Am I naive or snobbish in thinking that better standards ought to be enforced by the employers?
  16. It was a hangout of the privileged classes, smug, snobbish, and perfectly content to remain small.
  17. Some of my friends thought I was snobbish to come here, because they charge tuition and everything.
  18. She mocks the snobbish, hypocritical and materialistic views of many people and their narrow views.
  19. To non - Bostonian Americans, the Brathmins have seemed both snobbish and parochial, too pleased with themselves.
  20. He found the Etonians snobbish, shallow, seemingly unprepared for the world as it was being transformed by the war.
  21. There he stands, the snobbish, educated, petty bourgeois, an utter coward, soaked from head to foot with distrust and contempt for the masses.

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