Use of pretentious in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include pretentious at the start of sentence, pretentious at the end of sentence and pretentious in the middle of sentence

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pretentious at the end of sentence

  1. It'sounds a bit pretentious.
  2. I found Susie unbearably pretentious.
  3. It was just an ordinary house-nothing pretentious.
  4. The novel deals with grand themes, but is never heavy or pretentious.

pretentious in the middle of sentence

  1. That's a pretentious name for a dog!
  2. Most of the poems were pretentious dross.
  3. His response was full of pretentious nonsense.
  4. Much of the film is preachy, pretentious, and slow.
  5. Some of it is amusing, some of it pretentious drivel.
  6. The restaurant is stuffy, pretentious, and ridiculously expensive.
  7. Old Laz is a pretentious son of a gun, but he's got a heart of gold.
  8. He might be pretentious in other ways, but he was not posing at the keyboard.
  9. So Princeton looked good for college until I met their pretentious admissions rep.
  10. Precious, precocious, pretentious and very much in control, he seems perfectly sane.
  11. He spouts a load of pretentious nonsense and people are stupid enough to believe him!
  12. These pretentious phrases and glowing descriptions also have a resonance for our time.
  13. He didn't get on at graduate school at Harvard, finding it pretentious and doctrinaire.
  14. He complained that my titles were vague and pretentious, and smelt of the blue-stocking.
  15. Plotinus wrote his most impassioned tract to attack Gnosticism as pretentious mumbo-jumbo.
  16. Arrogant or pretentious wives can sometimes kill the political ambitions of their husbands.
  17. A meretricious populism and pretentious sectarianism have between them squeezed out everything else.
  18. He has a pretentious style of writing, using four very difficult words where one simple one would do.
  19. It may seem pretentious to say so but it is intended in Gramsci's terms as an organic intellectual work.
  20. Stripped of their pretentious verbiage, his statements come dangerously close to inviting racial hatred.
  21. Bangers and mash is better than pretentious nouvellecuisine, though you can probably be a little more original!
  22. Although the decor may be quite formal, there is nothing pretentious about the food, which is down-home wonderful.
  23. Just get some samples together, print up pretentious business cards, inflate values, rent out tent space and voila!
  24. There was something suicidal about the whole pretentious enterprise, which Dustin should have been talked down from before he leaped.

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