Use of patronizing in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include patronizing at the start of sentence, patronizing at the end of sentence and patronizing in the middle of sentence

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patronizing at the start of sentence

  1. Patronizing these actors was considered a sign of " refinement . ".

patronizing at the end of sentence

  1. I don't mean to sound patronizing.
  2. I found his tone rather patronizing.
  3. Her tone is wifely, concerned, but not patronizing.
  4. The tone of the interview was unnecessarily patronizing.
  5. I was only trying to explain; I didn't want to sound patronizing.
  6. Gesner, sniffing the advance of his adoring fans, suddenly became smug and rather patronizing.
  7. He also lacked experience leading a large group, and he was sometimes abrasive and patronizing.

patronizing in the middle of sentence

  1. I began patronizing secondhand bookstore.
  2. He's always very patronizing towards my mother.
  3. Olga seemed to be more patronizing than ever today.
  4. It's that patronizing tone of hers that I can't bear.
  5. When people give you that patronizing look, wink at'em.
  6. What exactly did he see in this patronizing little squirt?
  7. The voice was patronizing and affected, the accent artificial.
  8. Games start patronizing lot of fans to hang around in Akihabara.
  9. The program focuses on kids' interests without patronizing them.
  10. I simply cannot put up with your abjection to his patronizing tone.
  11. To its critics, "affirmative action" is seen as patronizing to women and minorities.
  12. The last thing I wanted was to relapse into the role of a patronizing objective observer.
  13. "All better now, are we?" he enquired in a patronizing manner hardly calculated to endear.
  14. Burke's response seemed a little patronizing, though he undoubtedly hadn'tintended it that way.
  15. This is why the tone of his communications with me has that slightly patronizing and protective edge.
  16. These measures increased the sometimes petty and patronizing intervention of officials in poor families.
  17. Under different circumstances, this would have sounded patronizing, a wilted bouquet tossed by a haughty victor.
  18. She could tell, especially that old lady with her patronizing smile: i used to play bridge with your grandmother Fermoyle.
  19. While a few felt that the social workers, were helpful and supportive an equal number considered them to be patronizing and authoritarian.
  20. In this situation, abject apologies in some respects remain complicit with the patronizing attitudes from which they attempt to disassociate themselves.

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