Use of isolated in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include isolated at the start of sentence, isolated at the end of sentence and isolated in the middle of sentence

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isolated at the end of sentence

  1. Young mothers often feel isolated.
  2. Many older people feel cut off and isolated.
  3. Elderly people easily become socially isolated.
  4. Parents were left anxious, uninformed, and isolated.
  5. Despite his conquests, he remains lonely and isolated.
  6. Without help, many elderly people would be left isolated.
  7. The radical group in the ruling party is becoming increasingly isolated.

isolated in the middle of sentence

  1. I felt very isolated in my new job.
  2. The town was isolated by the floods.
  3. Not many people visit this isolated spot.
  4. He felt isolated from the rest of society.
  5. He was isolated from all the other prisoners.
  6. A spokesman said it was an isolated incident .
  7. He was dying of boredom in the isolated island.
  8. His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident.
  9. They have isolated the bacterium in its pure form.
  10. Many of the refugee villages are in isolated areas.
  11. The farm was very isolated, but it had electricity.
  12. He was immediately isolated from the other prisoners.
  13. She kept herself almost isolated from her colleagues.
  14. His radicalism and refusal to compromise isolated him.
  15. Several villages have been isolated by the heavy snowfall.
  16. New-born babies must be isolated from possible contamination.
  17. The farm is isolated; the nearest house is 30 kilometers away.
  18. He could subsist on bark and grass roots in the isolated island.
  19. Presley's phenomenal early success isolated him from his friends.
  20. Consort has a population of 714 and is about as rural and isolated as you can get.
  21. Police officers had a siege mentality that isolated them from the people they served.

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