Use of unapproachable in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include unapproachable at the start of sentence, unapproachable at the end of sentence and unapproachable in the middle of sentence

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unapproachable at the end of sentence

  1. He's usually pretty unapproachable.
  2. As a boss I found him rather unapproachable.
  3. She is very arrogant and is always unapproachable.
  4. It'stands out among all forces supreme, unapproachable.
  5. Yet this morning you're rude, surly, and unapproachable.
  6. A: It needs to be emphasized that KBE is nothing unapproachable.
  7. Librarians have a reputation for being difficult and unapproachable.
  8. He kept his arms crossed in front of him and seemed somewhat unapproachable.
  9. I must admit that she's very pretty, very full of herself and completely unapproachable.
  10. He may not be the biggest pop star in the world but he's certainly the most unapproachable.
  11. Ian says from then on Robert has been a changed man - withdrawn and completely unapproachable.
  12. They rise, a coronet of tops, beyond the glitter and goo of Strath Bran, looking quite unapproachable.
  13. Many protect themselves even from patients' questions, by always being very busy or emotionally unapproachable.
  14. The "I" in me, my friend, dwells in the house of silence, and therein it shall remain for ever more, unperceived, unapproachable.
  15. The "I" in me, my friend, dwells in the house of silence, and therein it shall remine for ever more, unperceived , unapproachable.

unapproachable in the middle of sentence

  1. She was not unapproachable, however.
  2. He is an unapproachable sort of person.
  3. The judge was a stern, unapproachable man.
  4. Mr. Archer was a crabbed and unapproachable old man.
  5. Somewhat unapproachable, he kept his hands behind his back.
  6. She was somewhat unapproachable but I'm sure she wanted to be friendly.
  7. As you both locked your doors at night, your rooms were unapproachable from that side.
  8. Unlike the unapproachable bison, the handout-loving burros eagerly greet motorists on the loop.
  9. In a fashion context, unapproachable or intimidating artwork becomes accessible, even whimsical.
  10. Many of them have a crush on him, though he seems unapproachable, and has never dated anyone we know.
  11. What both sisters possess to a degree unapproachable by their colleagues is immense power and athleticism.
  12. A lot of the guys thought she was attractive, but she seemed so unapproachable that no one dared to talk to her.
  13. Whatever pangs of grief and guilt and shame Emilia might suffer had remained locked inside her, an unapproachable wound.
  14. You are vogue and beautiful epigone, yearn for the perfect outline of cap-a-pie , blossom a glorious of unapproachable evil spirit be puzzled.

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