Use of takings in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include takings at the start of sentence, takings at the end of sentence and takings in the middle of sentence

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takings at the start of sentence

  1. Takings rose 45 percent when the secret aroma was tested on Las Vegas fruit machines.
  2. Takings of £170 on the opening night were donated to the funds of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

takings at the end of sentence

  1. He counted the night's takings.
  2. I think he creams off her takings.
  3. But the real reason the bar takings.
  4. A cashier ran away with the day's takings.
  5. She was losing about £100 a week in takings.
  6. After we've closed , we count the day's takings.
  7. The cashier has done a bunk with the day's takings.
  8. Dry manager Leroy Richardson was frogmarched to a safe containing the weekend's takings.
  9. The 21-year-old had seized 58-year-old taxi driver Derek round the throat and grabbed his £68 takings.
  10. Several albums were also received, with two above average, all making significant contributions to the takings.

takings in the middle of sentence

  1. The takings haven't been totalled yet.
  2. You were after the takings, weren't you?
  3. The box office takings are up on last week.
  4. Box office takings are up by 40 % on last year.
  5. Cinema box-office takings in 2001 were £600m.
  6. The forecast upsurge in takings did not happen.
  7. The takings from calls were less than £25,000.
  8. The raiders escaped with the takings from two tills.
  9. The shop's new look has boosted its takings considerably.
  10. Store managers are predicting record takings this Christmas.
  11. Our takings were down this week because the weather was so bad.
  12. His total takings for the day amounted to one penny for a shave.
  13. The pub said that their takings were fifteen to twenty thousand pounds a week.
  14. Checking the takings late at night is no substitute for a proper budgetary control system.
  15. A percentage of the takings is usually allocated to advertising: this is the advertising budget.
  16. It cost $ 200 million to make, and netted global takings of $ 1.8 billion even before the video was released.
  17. They front the firm and hand over half the takings to the police, otherwise they get visits from gun-toting goons.

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