Use of profits in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include profits at the start of sentence, profits at the end of sentence and profits in the middle of sentence

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profits at the start of sentence

  1. Profits fell during the third quarter.
  2. Profits have shot up by a staggering 25 %.
  3. Profits have soared dramatically in recent months.
  4. Profits plummeted from £49 million to £11 million.

profits at the end of sentence

  1. We must maximize profits.
  2. The sale generated record profits.
  3. These costs are deductible from profits.
  4. All of us will participate in the profits.
  5. They closed down after years of low profits.
  6. The company bootlegged the tapes for huge profits.
  7. The company reported a small decline in its profits.
  8. The new manager will be given carte blanche as long as she can increase the company's profits.

profits in the middle of sentence

  1. Net profits slumped by 41%.
  2. Their profits shrank by 4% last year.
  3. Storehouse made pre-tax profits of 3.1m.
  4. The company profits grew by 5% last year.
  5. The companies split the profits fifty-fifty.
  6. Our profits have more than doubled this year.
  7. On the positive side, profits have increased.
  8. Company profits were 5% lower than last year.
  9. We are confident next year's profits will be higher.
  10. The new service helped boost pre-tax profits by 10%.
  11. The company distributed its profits among its workers.
  12. All our profits are re-invested in research and development.
  13. In a co-operative profits are distributed among the work-force.
  14. Several companies have disclosed profits of over £200 million.
  15. Most companies have suffered a drop in their profits, even very large companies.
  16. Much of the apparent growth in profits that occurred in the 1980s was the result of creative accounting.

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