Use of professional in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include professional at the start of sentence, professional at the end of sentence and professional in the middle of sentence

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professional at the end of sentence

  1. This is the work of a real professional.
  2. I'm a novice at these things, Lieutenant. You're the professional.
  3. He insisted that his relationship with the duchess was purely professional.

professional in the middle of sentence

  1. She is a professional actress.
  2. A lawyer is a professional man.
  3. She wants to become a professional cook.
  4. The best professional musicians start young.
  5. They were professional killers who did in John.
  6. What professional qualifications does he have?
  7. He is over the hill as a professional athlete.
  8. He became a professional athlete at the age of 16.
  9. I recommend that you get some professional advice.
  10. She made her professional stage debut in Swan Lake.
  11. The doctor was found guilty of professional misconduct.
  12. Do you belong to any professional or trade associations?
  13. His professional career started at Liverpool University.
  14. Anne chose an upmarket agency aimed at professional people.
  15. The football team was disciplined by a professional trainer.
  16. If it's a legal matter you need to seek professional advice.
  17. We're going to need some professional backup for this project.
  18. Bill idolizes his big brother, who is a professional footballer.
  19. They relied heavily on the advice of their professional advisers.
  20. The competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers.
  21. Being a professional actor of necessity means working nights and Sundays.
  22. After this heartbreaking experience, Thorpe turned to professional sports.
  23. You will need to seek professional advice about your claim for compensation.
  24. You must not let your personal reactions interfere with your professional judgement.
  25. His super-clean image gave a veneer of respectability to the new professional set-up.
  26. It is a curious paradox that professional comedians often have unhappy personal lives.

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