Use of pro in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include pro at the start of sentence, pro at the end of sentence and pro in the middle of sentence

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pro at the start of sentence

  1. Pro. Wilson has a speaking engagement for this weekend.
  2. Pro football still has a lock on male viewers aged 18 to 34.
  3. Pro . Smith was attached to the medical college as a guest Professor for two years.

pro at the end of sentence

  1. He's a real pro.
  2. She's a real pro.
  3. He handled the situation like an old pro .
  4. Most young talented players are determined to turn pro.

pro in the middle of sentence

  1. Prices will increase pro rata.
  2. Jack aced the club pro three times.
  3. Fees are calculated on a pro rata basis .
  4. Cathy's an old pro at organizing raffles.
  5. This arrangement will have to do pro tem.
  6. As a party, they had always been pro family.
  7. Phil is taking over from David on a pro tem basis.
  8. A pro - democracy uprising was brutally suppressed.
  9. A pro tem committee was formed from existing members.
  10. We may not be white is not pro but can be very character.
  11. I enclose a pro forma for you to complete, sign and return.
  12. I'm one of the few that's very pro performance-related pay.
  13. The city singing group is under the direction of pro. Brown.
  14. If costs go up, there will be a pro rata increase in prices.
  15. The statement is emphatic in stating that there must be a quid pro quo.
  16. There's a quid pro quo for everything in politics - you'll soon learn that.
  17. Please accept the use of our cottage as a quid pro quo for lending us your car.
  18. The government has promised food aid as a quid pro quo for the stopping of violence.
  19. All part-timers should be paid the same, pro rata, as full-timers doing the same job.
  20. The management have agreed to begin pay talks as a quid pro quo for suspension of strike action.
  21. It's £20 000 pro rata, but I'm doing half the full number of hours, so I'll be getting ten thousand.
  22. If production costs go up, there will be a pro rata increase in prices/prices will increase pro rata.

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