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practiced in the middle of sentence

  1. He was a practiced musician.
  2. asceticism practiced in a monastery.
  3. He practiced closing and opening his shutter.
  4. My hostess welcomed me with a practiced smile.
  5. He had practiced that first speech often enough.
  6. He was already well practiced in giving acceptance speeches.
  7. Girls practiced proper behavior, or etiquette, at tea parties.
  8. President Herbert Hoover practiced it during his administration.
  9. She practiced her part until she knew it backwards and forwards.
  10. In the airport she practiced with her knapsack, trying to slide it on and off.
  11. she goes for a doc-tor, but I don't think she ever studied or practiced medicine.
  12. The great majority of those who still practiced their faith disregarded the encyclical.
  13. Provost said the boat operator had practiced the stunt but was relatively inexperienced.
  14. She isn't a practiced public speaker, but she faced her audience as if to the manner born.
  15. He earned a law degree in 1934, but he never practiced that kind of law at that kind of bar.
  16. But free speech is taken for granted, and authorities have traditionally practiced minimum government.
  17. Darwin could not be taught in the schools; but a perversion of Darwin could be practiced in real life.
  18. After that, Feingold joined a Madison law firm and practiced civil litigation, including First Amendment law.
  19. Patients did calisthenics, practiced with their wheelchairs and crutches, walked, swam, and received massages.
  20. Surreptitious observation had been a habit of his since boyhood, practiced first on wildlife and then on women.
  21. A hundred shirtless men worked, sweating, in practiced synchronization in the hot, stagnant air of the clearing.
  22. Sharecropping, practiced on 12 % of the haciendas sampled, is different from the above non-capitalist labor forms.
  23. But it is a skill to be learned and practiced by the teacher / library media specialist of the emotionally disturbed.
  24. S Tim McDonald, who missed some practice time this week with a bruised shoulder, practiced Friday and will start Sunday.
  25. She practiced the Sister Kenny method of muscle reeducation, working even with the muscles that appeared to have lost all function.
  26. This intense peering into nature had been consciously practiced by Redon and his sagacious words on the subject are worth repeating.

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