Use of model in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include model at the start of sentence, model at the end of sentence and model in the middle of sentence

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model at the end of sentence

  1. I bought the more expensive model.
  2. The dress is patterned upon a Paris model.
  3. Her coat was patterned after a Chinese model.
  4. The two houses were built after the same model.
  5. He materialized his ideas by building a model.

model in the middle of sentence

  1. The model was posing carefully.
  2. The new model has a bigger boot.
  3. I will be a role model for others.
  4. He built a model ship out of wood.
  5. His passion is making model aircraft.
  6. She is a perfect model of her mother.
  7. How does this model boat join together?
  8. They showed us a model of the building.
  9. The fashion model had a very slim figure.
  10. The latest model has over 100 new features.
  11. The new model has a number of refinements.
  12. The model of the building was made of card.
  13. She made a fantastic clay model of her dog.
  14. He cemented the wing to the model airplane.
  15. A model railway mart will be held on Friday.
  16. The model posed herself for the art students.
  17. This is the model of the proposed new airport.
  18. He lost one of the pieces of his model engine.
  19. This particular model has a further refinement.
  20. That particular model is not currently in stock.
  21. This model is available at selected stores only.
  22. That model won't go into production before late 1990.
  23. This model is technically superior to its competitors.
  24. It is designed on the model of the Sydney Opera House.

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