Use of genre in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include genre at the start of sentence, genre at the end of sentence and genre in the middle of sentence

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genre at the end of sentence

  1. Defeat is built into the genre.
  2. Could this be the birth of a new genre?
  3. The comedia lacrimosa is a minor genre.
  4. The level of difficulty is high, especially for those new to the genre.
  5. It was also a kind of Chartres Cathedral, a perfect embodiment of its genre.
  6. Western popular prints and Soviet official art both displayed a penchant for landscapes, flower pieces, still lifes and genre.

genre in the middle of sentence

  1. But it became my genre because of John Woo.
  2. Science fiction as a genre is relatively new.
  3. Kindergartners write in every genre imaginable.
  4. The novel is from the genre of magical realism.
  5. But the genre always seems to slip back into a coma.
  6. The novel is not merely one genre among other genres.
  7. What genre does the book fall into - comedy or tragedy?
  8. The genre is wider and more experimental and now has the element of pastiche.
  9. Therefore the genre of Troilus and Cressida is as inconstant as the characters it describes.
  10. And the new genre of populist politicians will have to deliver far more than free elections.
  11. The relationship between industry and genre is widely accepted, though less widely researched.
  12. Yes, this is post-industrial noise in the genre of the completely unlistenable Test Department.
  13. Review by Simon Caulkin As a genre, the business documentary has a respectable literary parentage.
  14. She emerges as a full, three-dimensional character in a way that few horror genre heroines ever do.
  15. How much more fulfilling it is to meet a genre by having our parents read from many different texts.
  16. The liberal theology of a figure like Adolf von Harnack represents the genre in its virtually pure form.
  17. The more highly constrained and ritualised the genre, the more likely we are to be able to identify norms.
  18. But overall Niccol has done a fine, restrained job in a genre for which many of us have lowered our expectations.
  19. Her knowledge of publishing trends, literary history, and books of every description and genre, however, filled rooms.
  20. People are afraid of the horror genre as a whole and parents are afraid their children might be exposed to bad influences.
  21. Younger audiences are becoming increasingly interested in bands of this musical grab-bag genre, and not only as a retro fad.
  22. Ridicule is a decidedly more entertaining version of the genre with the grace to flash us some intelligence and self-consciousness.
  23. This supposition becomes more likely in light of Hamann's predilection for parables as the most appropriate genre for telling the truth.

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