Use of paradigm in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include paradigm at the start of sentence, paradigm at the end of sentence and paradigm in the middle of sentence

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paradigm at the end of sentence

  1. This episode may serve as a paradigm.
  2. Would that bury the new economic paradigm?
  3. The Vietnam War has become a powerful anti-war paradigm.
  4. So what are we to do? Try once more to shift a paradigm?
  5. Some of these educators are hoping to produce a change in the current cultural paradigm.
  6. A further component of paradigms consists of some very general, metaphysical principles that guide work within a paradigm.
  7. The map represents an interpretation of the results of fieldwork sampling within a theoretical framework - the geological paradigm.
  8. The technical challenge is obvious when one realizes that traditional models of information management do not lend themselves to the new paradigm.
  9. Thirdly systems philosophy which involves reorientation of thought and world view consequent upon the advent of system as a new scientific paradigm.

paradigm in the middle of sentence

  1. To wit, a paradigm shift.
  2. He had become the paradigm of the successful man.
  3. Pius XII remained the paradigm of what a pope should be.
  4. The war was a paradigm of the evil and destructive side of human nature.
  5. Such a perception was to lead to a new kind of paradigm or conceptual map.
  6. The new paradigm will be very different from and incompatible with the old one.
  7. First of all there is the lack of paradigm consensus among those studying language.
  8. The mere existence of unsolved puzzles within a paradigm does not constitute a crisis.
  9. The market clearing paradigm is reasonably robust and the Rational Expectations assumption is here most plausible.
  10. They saw in it a narrative paradigm which offered the possibility of meaning in their individual experience to all men.
  11. This transference is exactly what one would expect if the dominant cultural paradigm is, as I have maintained, science.
  12. At best, what will emerge from this bureaucratic morass is an entirely new paradigm for dealing with cross-border studies.
  13. Neither in Feyerabend's image of theory proliferation nor in Kuhn's paradigm shifts is there any simple model of progress.
  14. To illustrate the paradigm, reference is made to an alcohol education course developed for offenders in trouble through drink.
  15. Massive bottom-up infrastructure sprouted all over the world in bits and pieces, proliferated, and a new paradigm was created.
  16. We shall now explore three alternatives to the rational model: logical incrementalism, the interpretative paradigm and action rationality.
  17. It came to the conclusion that in many ways the object-oriented paradigm simply emphasises best practice for existing approaches to coding.
  18. Thus routine science and routine scientific progress occur while, and only while, the governing paradigm copes successfully with apparent exceptions.
  19. By establishing a paradigm for psychological investigation that lasted for some forty years, behaviourists seriously delayed the understanding of human cognition.
  20. The dominant paradigm within class-based urban and regional analysis nevertheless usually recognises the difficulties involved in creating a well-organised international working class.

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