Use of pattern in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include pattern at the start of sentence, pattern at the end of sentence and pattern in the middle of sentence

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pattern at the end of sentence

  1. What a pretty pattern!
  2. It is modeled after the same pattern.
  3. She engraved the ring in a floral pattern.
  4. The murders all seem to follow a pattern .
  5. She pricked out the design from the pattern.
  6. All three attacks followed the same pattern.
  7. Its streets were laid out in a grid pattern.
  8. The case is illustrative of a common pattern.
  9. What ply do you need for that knitting pattern?
  10. Small dots were interspersed among the pattern.
  11. The disease follows a highly predictable pattern.
  12. The boy's behavior deviates from the usual pattern.
  13. Economic activity often follows a cyclical pattern.
  14. Changes in the economy have followed a cyclical pattern.

pattern in the middle of sentence

  1. She cut a pattern for her own coat.
  2. Do you have the same pattern in blue?
  3. The jumper has a geometric pattern on it.
  4. The jumper has a geometrical pattern on it.
  5. The cloth has a pattern of red and white squares.
  6. The child showed a normal pattern of development .
  7. a jewelled brooch with a pattern resembling the sun.
  8. The dressmaker used a pin to fasten the pattern to the cloth.
  9. The pattern of family life has been changing over recent years.
  10. The chameleon's skin replicates the pattern of its surroundings.
  11. A laser is used to etch a pattern in the smooth surface of the disc.
  12. The recent pattern of weather deviates from the norm for this time of year.
  13. This weather pattern of the southern hemisphere has no parallel in the north.
  14. Most of Manhattan is laid out in/on a grid pattern with avenues going north-south and streets east-west.

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