Use of lofty in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include lofty at the start of sentence, lofty at the end of sentence and lofty in the middle of sentence

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lofty at the start of sentence

  1. Lofty ideals are grown in the mountain flowers on the. If you want it, diligence is a climbing rope.

lofty at the end of sentence

  1. This mountain is lofty.

lofty in the middle of sentence

  1. She has such a lofty manner.
  2. He could afford his lofty sentiment.
  3. He has a lofty position in the firm.
  4. His lofty ideas were nibbled by years.
  5. The youth of our country have lofty ideals.
  6. The lofty mountains were crowned with snow.
  7. Young people should have lofty ideals and aims.
  8. The lofty walls of the castle seemed impregnable.
  9. I didn't like her lofty treatment of her visitors.
  10. The youth of our country have [ has ] lofty ideals.
  11. The room was light and lofty compared with our Tudor ones.
  12. The vaulting is ribbed throughout, lofty and well-proportioned.
  13. A mackerel sky and mares'tails make lofty ships carry low sails.
  14. It was a bank that started out with grand ideas and lofty ideals.
  15. Her husband rose to the dizzy/lofty heights of transport minister.
  16. He had set himself the lofty goal of reaching the world's top five.
  17. The people all over the country resounded his lofty moral character.
  18. From our lofty vantage point, we could see the city spread out below us.
  19. The nave is lofty and divided into nave arcade, triforium and clerestory.
  20. He stayed at the ISH, from whose lofty heights he could see across New York.
  21. My motives are lofty, but my work now takes place in the realm of the everyday.
  22. The lofty Alps of Victorian blue with their Annecy lakes were remote from his countryside.
  23. It has an exceptionally lofty nave arcade whose pointed arches reach almost into the vault.
  24. In less lofty circles, pay rises do not compensate for changes in other conditions at work.
  25. He glanced towards Rain but she took the lofty view that bribing security men was not her concern.
  26. So lofty were these papal prerogatives, that no further Council would ever be needed, or so it seemed to many.
  27. The glen is deeply enclosed by lofty mountain ranges, each side formed of a succession of peaks linked by ridges.

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