Use of grand in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include grand at the start of sentence, grand at the end of sentence and grand in the middle of sentence

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grand at the end of sentence

  1. The Palace of Versailles is very grand.

grand in the middle of sentence

  1. We dined in grand style.
  2. He lives in a grand house.
  3. It's not a very grand house.
  4. Death is the grand leveller.
  5. The party was a grand affair.
  6. I worked at the grand Theatre.
  7. Win a car in our grand prize draw!
  8. Here was corruption on a grand scale.
  9. The wedding was a very grand occasion.
  10. The grand Canyon never fails to impress.
  11. The grand maneuvres will be held tomorrow.
  12. The grand manoeuvres will be held tomorrow.
  13. Our grand Sale in June was a runaway success.
  14. The grand Canyon never fails to impress people.
  15. Heston has been named grand marshal of the parade.
  16. The grand Canal began to build in the Sui Dynasty.
  17. We banqueted the visiting president in grand style.
  18. We spent a week at the aptly named grand View Hotel.
  19. He got through to the grand final of the competition.
  20. His best finish was 11th in the Hungarian grand Prix.
  21. Included in the tour is an excursion to the grand Canyon.
  22. His two goals give him a grand total of 32 for the season.
  23. Diligence is your life password, can translate your grand epic poem.
  24. A broad avenue of lime trees led up to a grand entrance with huge oak doors.
  25. He is about to join the big league of Formula 1 in time for the start of the new season at the South African grand Prix.

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