Use of judgment in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include judgment at the start of sentence, judgment at the end of sentence and judgment in the middle of sentence

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judgment at the end of sentence

  1. I'd advise you to reserve judgment .
  2. I have absolute faith in her judgment.
  3. Your decision reflects well upon your judgment.
  4. The minister showed a lack of political judgment.
  5. I lent him the money, against my better judgment.
  6. I depended on his companionship and on his judgment.
  7. Success in management ultimately rests on good judgment.
  8. He disagreed fundamentally with the President's judgment.
  9. He was well-informed and shrewd, with good, calm judgment.
  10. The matter was settled beyond dispute by the court judgment .
  11. The management's decision to ignore the safety warnings demonstrated a remarkable lapse of judgment.

judgment in the middle of sentence

  1. It's a judgment on him.
  2. The judgment went against him.
  3. The judgment passed against us.
  4. The judgment set a new precedent.
  5. The judgment will be given tomorrow.
  6. His judgment was clouded by selfishness.
  7. In my judgment, we should accept his offer.
  8. I don't want to pass judgment on my colleagues.
  9. In her judgment, we shouldn't change our plans.
  10. The chairman flatters himself on his judgment of people.
  11. The general manager's judgment is often biased by interest.
  12. The judgment on pension rights has established/set a precedent.
  13. It is the judgment of this court that you are guilty of murder.
  14. It's too soon to make a judgment about what the outcome will be.
  15. How could you humiliate me by questioning my judgment in front of everyone like that?

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