Use of reasoning in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include reasoning at the start of sentence, reasoning at the end of sentence and reasoning in the middle of sentence

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reasoning at the end of sentence

  1. I can't quite follow your reasoning.
  2. I didn't follow his line of reasoning.
  3. I don't follow your line of reasoning.
  4. There's a fatal flaw in your reasoning.
  5. His argument is based on fallacious reasoning.
  6. Even so, perception still dominates reasoning.
  7. She seemed to have lost her powers of reasoning.

reasoning in the middle of sentence

  1. The reasoning seems rational.
  2. His reasoning can't be flawed.
  3. This line of reasoning is faulty.
  4. Your clear reasoning is quite correct.
  5. Your reasoning on this point is faulty.
  6. This kind of reasoning is deeply perverse.
  7. Their reasoning capacity must be developed.
  8. What is the reasoning behind this decision?
  9. His close reasoning gave fibre to his argument.
  10. The same reasoning applies to the current situation.
  11. I spent hours reasoning out the solution to the puzzle.
  12. Many people challenged the reasoning behind the proposal.
  13. His reasoning is perfectly sound, but he misses the point.
  14. The reasoning behind her conclusion is impossible to fault.
  15. The line of reasoning will only lead you up another blind alley.
  16. I cannot accept the reasoning that led the trial court to its decision.
  17. She's absolutely determined to go and there's just no reasoning with her.
  18. His argument does not rest on reasoning or on experiment, but on authority.
  19. I was a bit slow off the mark/on the uptake there - I didn't follow his reasoning at all.
  20. The implication of this line of reasoning is that globalization of capital is destructive.
  21. The test has scores for verbal skills, mathematical skills, and abstract reasoning skills.
  22. His reasoning is based on the premise that all people are equally capable of good and evil.

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