Use of habit in Sentences. 23 Examples

The examples include habit at the start of sentence, habit at the end of sentence and habit in the middle of sentence

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habit at the start of sentence

  1. Habit cures Habit.
  2. Habits cures Habit.
  3. Habit is second nature.
  4. Habit is (a) second nature.

habit at the end of sentence

  1. Getting up early is a very good habit.
  2. Washing up before dinner is a good habit.
  3. Increasingly, smoking is regarded as an anti-social habit.
  4. Miss become habit, forgotten become habit, lonely become habit.
  5. The life of people is habit to those who are not used to the habit of habit.
  6. Advertising is a potent force in showing smoking as a socially acceptable habit.

habit in the middle of sentence

  1. A habit can easily become an addiction.
  2. The habit carries over from my childhood.
  3. Life has a nasty habit of repeating itself.
  4. He has the irritating habit of biting his nails.
  5. He expostulated with her on her habit of smoking.
  6. He has the irritating habit of smoking during meals.
  7. They also have the irritating habit of interrupting.
  8. I'm trying to break the habit of staying up too late.
  9. After his divorce he reverted to his old habit of drinking.
  10. I've got into the habit of turning on the TV as soon as I get home.
  11. We strongly advise you to rid yourself of the bad habit of smoking.
  12. We've fallen into the habit of getting up late on Saturday mornings.
  13. Unable to defeat him by logical discussion, she fell back on her old habit of criticizing his speech.

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