Use of abstractedly in Sentences. 15 Examples

The examples include abstractedly at the start of sentence, abstractedly at the end of sentence and abstractedly in the middle of sentence

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abstractedly at the start of sentence

  1. Abstractedly he fastened buttons and tucked in his shirt.

abstractedly in the middle of sentence

  1. Winston gazed abstractedly through the muslin curtain.
  2. He took the brief - case abstractedly, without speaking.
  3. Joseph answered abstractedly, " Yes, sir. The note said eleven. "
  4. Sarah clapped abstractedly when he finished and took him by the arm.
  5. Regan gazed abstractedly up at the ceiling, puffing away at his cigar.
  6. It follows its own habits abstractedly, it can be trusted to its world.
  7. 'Good,'said Syme abstractedly, without looking up from his strip of paper.
  8. But most of the night he sat in silence, gazing abstractedly into the fire.
  9. Ames was looking away rather abstractedly at the crowd and showed an interesting profile to Carrie.
  10. Mrs. Charmond fell into a meditation, and replied abstractedly to a cursory remark of her companion's.
  11. All this is done while the philosopher stares abstractedly out of the window and the interviewer dozes off.
  12. And Kutuzov began, as old people often do, gazing abstractedly about him, as though forgetting all he had to say or do.
  13. I peeped through the interstice abstractedly and saw a tiny violet flower, quivering. I thought that must be your spirit.
  14. Mattie grunted abstractedly, totally engrossed in peering at the various plastic containers and bowls in the refrigerator.

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