Use of absentmindedly in Sentences. 24 Examples

The examples include absentmindedly at the start of sentence, absentmindedly at the end of sentence and absentmindedly in the middle of sentence

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absentmindedly at the end of sentence

  1. Then the year and the month absentmindedly.
  2. She talked to the stranger while walking, absentmindedly.
  3. She talked to the stranger while walking, as if absentmindedly.

absentmindedly in the middle of sentence

  1. She is absentmindedly washing plate.
  2. She absent-mindedly left her umbrella on the bus.
  3. He absent-mindedly looked at himself in the mirror.
  4. The professor bumbled absent-mindedly along the road.
  5. George has got into a fix by doing so absent-mindedly.
  6. She fingered her necklace absent-mindedly as she talked.
  7. Elizabeth absent-mindedly picked a thread from his lapel.
  8. She absent-mindedly twisted a strand of hair around her fingers.
  9. He absent-mindedly perused the notices on the waiting-room wall.
  10. She absentmindedly played with some hairs which clung to the comb.
  11. Trepolov absentmindedly bit viciously into the peppermint honey cake.
  12. My daughter had absentmindedly left her sneakers on our kitchen table.
  13. She avoided Betty's eye and absent-mindedly put too much sugar in her tea.
  14. He had gone to the lavatory and pressed the flush absent-mindedly with the damaged hand.
  15. Corbett chewed absent-mindedly on the bread whilst analysing the problem which faced him.
  16. He absentmindedly called me Janet, and I answered, because I as often called him Richard.
  17. Then he took his wire rimmed glasses and polished them absentmindedly on his flannel shirt.
  18. He was sitting indulged in ( satisfied with ) his contemplating absentmindedly under the fig - tree.
  19. He allowed himself to be filmed on television absent-mindedly pouring a bottle of Petrus into the stew.
  20. The man looked around and then, almost absent-mindedly, drew a shod throwing knife from his bandolier and hurled it.
  21. Humming absent-mindedly along with the music on the radio as she sped on through the night, Shannon pursed her lips thoughtfully.

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