Use of distantly in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include distantly at the start of sentence, distantly at the end of sentence and distantly in the middle of sentence

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distantly at the start of sentence

  1. Distantly related to Molly Weasley.
  2. Distantly he heard the report of another gun.
  3. Distantly, to her right, she could make out the town of Chiffa.
  4. Distantly, to her right, she could make out the city of Shanghai.
  5. Distantly related species may come to resemble one another closely.
  6. Distantly, muffled by the wind, he heard shouts from behind, but he bullied himself to ignore them.

distantly at the end of sentence

  1. He arose coldly and distantly.
  2. The man just smiled distantly.
  3. I'd only been aware of one war in the past on television, though even then distantly.

distantly in the middle of sentence

  1. We are distantly related .
  2. She smiled distantly at us.
  3. He is distantly related to the family.
  4. Those two ideas are distantly related.
  5. I can only distantly remember all this.
  6. He heard, distantly, the sound of the sea.
  7. She is closely [ distantly ] related to me.
  8. His style distantly resembles that of Wilde.
  9. In any event she Behaved distantly to him now.
  10. His father's distantly related to the Royal family.
  11. Somewhere, distantly, he could hear the sound of the sea.
  12. She became distantly aware that the light had grown brighter.
  13. He claims to be distantly related to the British royal family.
  14. It was shaking, he noted distantly, dragging air into his lungs.
  15. Today, dressed like a housewife, she looked more human than usual, less distantly dignified.
  16. It seems likely, then, that genes from distantly related prokaryotes are occasionally recombined.
  17. Nevertheless, protein trees could be as misleading as rRNA trees for very distantly related organisms.
  18. Behind him, distantly, a bugle was sounding, followed by the clank and shuffle of armoured men running.
  19. The first of the sirens sounded distantly and she ran to the kitchen, gathering up her belongings with hands that shook.
  20. Second, close relatives must resemble each other with respect to such a character more than do distantly related individuals.

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