Use of unpack in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include unpack at the start of sentence, unpack at the end of sentence and unpack in the middle of sentence

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unpack at the end of sentence

  1. She went to her room to unpack.
  2. I haven't even had time to unpack .
  3. And then there was nothing to do but stand up, and feel for a switch, and unpack.
  4. A cheerful, freckled young woman showed me to a small seedy room and I began to unpack.
  5. On top of that, you are heading for new destinations without ever having to pack or unpack.

unpack in the middle of sentence

  1. Jim began to unpack his things.
  2. Let's unpack before we go to bed.
  3. I've got my lot to unpack as well.
  4. I haven't had a chance to unpack yet.
  5. He began to unpack his things at once.
  6. It will unpack a number of Star printer drivers.
  7. After tea we all went upstairs to unpack our things.
  8. No doubt you'll want to unpack and have a rest before dinner.
  9. Let me give two illustrations that might unpack this a little more.
  10. You unpack the orb from the heavy - duty insulation stuffed around it.
  11. The load was so large it took 15 agents more than an hour to unpack it.
  12. When they start to unpack, they find they can't get the cellar door open.
  13. Burun could hear her ordering the slaves to unpack the boxes of bed linen.
  14. Ten minutes flew by but we managed to unpack, have a quick wash and change.
  15. But now Betty came to the rescue and began to unpack the sardine sandwiches.
  16. It had taken her far longer to pack her suitcases than it did to unpack them.
  17. She helped me unpack my things and then we went around to see the other girls.
  18. He read the agreed statement to the group and then began to unpack it for them.
  19. On the day of deliverance, I rushed home after work to unpack my system and put it together.
  20. He began to unpack a delightful array of items - including two one-serving-size bottles of wine.
  21. He opened the latter and began to unpack, laying his shirts and other gear beside Mr Hamilton's.
  22. Maybe she would skip dinner and simply go to her cabin, unpack her things and get an early night.
  23. They will also take up and re-lay loose floor coverings and pack and unpack fragile items such as glass and china.

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