Use of discharge in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include discharge at the start of sentence, discharge at the end of sentence and discharge in the middle of sentence

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discharge at the start of sentence

  1. Discharge of raw sewage into the sea is unsanitary and unsafe.
  2. Discharge pipes directly take pollutants away from the plant into the river.

discharge at the end of sentence

  1. He was given a dishonourable discharge .
  2. The judge gave him a one-year conditional discharge.
  3. The wound hasn't healed, there's still some discharge.
  4. He was found guilty and given a conditional discharge .
  5. In industry, a worker who is grossly insubordinate is threatened with discharge.

discharge in the middle of sentence

  1. The sewers discharge into the sea.
  2. The water pipe doesn't discharge freely.
  3. We have to discharge ourselves of our duties.
  4. He received an honourable discharge from the army.
  5. After his discharge from the army, he went to Canada.
  6. The trustees failed to discharge their duties properly.
  7. After his discharge from the school, he went to Hong Kong.
  8. They develop a fever and a watery discharge from their eyes.
  9. It can't discharge electricity if it's not connected properly.
  10. Hospitals now tend to discharge patients earlier than in the past.
  11. She undertook to discharge all the responsibilities of a Minister.
  12. Arrangements have been made for the discharge of mortgage payments.
  13. He was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay compensation.
  14. He was given an absolute discharge but banned from driving for 12 months.
  15. The soldier received a dishonourable discharge for a disciplinary offence.
  16. Too great an eagerneto discharge on obligation is a species of ingratitude.
  17. Erupting volcanoes discharge massive quantities of dust into the stratosphere.
  18. The goods will be sold for a fraction of their value in order to discharge the debt.
  19. If the authority is to discharge its legal duty to house the homeless, it needs government support.
  20. Thousands of fish were killed as a result of a discharge of poisonous chemicals from a nearby factory.
  21. Those who adhere to the principles of wisdom, have right attitudes, and true to their words and discharge their duties with responsibility are loved by people.

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