Use of unload in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include unload at the start of sentence, unload at the end of sentence and unload in the middle of sentence

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unload at the start of sentence

  1. Unload everything from the boat and clean it thoroughly.

unload at the end of sentence

  1. The truck driver was waiting to unload.
  2. Even the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games has tickets to unload.
  3. She rinsed the sheets secretly, after Sethe went to the restaurant and Paul D went scrounging for barges to help unload.

unload in the middle of sentence

  1. Let's begin to unload now.
  2. I began to unload the camels.
  3. Could you unload the dishwasher?
  4. I am anxious to unload, Mr Tyron.
  5. Three school buses unload riot police.
  6. Don't let him unload his problems onto you.
  7. They want to unload the stocks on the market.
  8. This isn't a suitable place to unload the van.
  9. She began to unload her troubles on her mother.
  10. The stevedores'work is to load and unload ships.
  11. The stretcher bearers ran out to unload the cargo.
  12. Everyone helped to unload the luggage from the car.
  13. They want to unload their shares at the right price.
  14. Are you getting paid to ask questions or unload trucks?
  15. Japan might be able to unload more of its steel abroad.
  16. Investors continued to unload technology stocks Thursday.
  17. America might be able to unload more of its grain abroad.
  18. It's his problem, not something he should unload onto you.
  19. No one spoke; they began to unload the cases from the lorry.
  20. Do you mind if I unload the children onto you this afternoon?
  21. If we don't unload it soon, the grain will start rotting in the silos.
  22. He said it contained his own private cargo and that he wanted to unload it himself.
  23. Then they would unload their human cargo and speed back, using a different route, to repeat the process.
  24. When a plane arrived at the airport, workers began to unload a number of wooden boxes which contained clothing.
  25. He then made two transfer requests and Wilkinson seized the first opportunity he could to unload the controversial star.

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