Use of truthful in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include truthful at the start of sentence, truthful at the end of sentence and truthful in the middle of sentence

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truthful at the end of sentence

  1. He was not always truthful.
  2. Gwen adjured him to be truthful.
  3. We can win for them by being truthful.
  4. As a child she was obedient and truthful.
  5. I don't think you are being entirely truthful.
  6. Not everyone believes the government is being truthful.
  7. As I try to be truthful, I expect everyone else to be truthful.

truthful in the middle of sentence

  1. What would a truthful man say?
  2. I must be truthful in my films.
  3. Are you being quite truthful with me?
  4. He is very truthful — he never lies.
  5. Let's have some plain, truthful answers.
  6. She could not give him a truthful answer.
  7. Are you being completely truthful with me?
  8. I hope we can be truthful with each other.
  9. I think she is a truthful and moral person.
  10. The trader was truthful and without deceit.
  11. You and I must be truthful with each other.
  12. Lucy's normally an extremely truthful little girl.
  13. His book, while truthful, is wanting in excitement.
  14. You can count on him for a truthful report of the accident.
  15. They were less than truthful about their part in the crime.
  16. Most religions teach you to be truthful and self-disciplined.
  17. She was completely truthful about her involvement in the affair.
  18. We've all learnt to be fairly truthful about our personal lives.
  19. To be quite truthful with you, I'm not very keen on this colour.
  20. I have only one question to ask you, and I want a truthful answer.
  21. To be quite truthful with you, Betty, I never really liked the man.
  22. The public has a right to expect truthful answers from politicians.

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