Use of straightforward in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include straightforward at the start of sentence, straightforward at the end of sentence and straightforward in the middle of sentence

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straightforward at the end of sentence

  1. The procedure is quite straightforward.
  2. The instructions seem fairly straightforward.
  3. This area of law is far from straightforward .
  4. The facts of the case are quite straightforward.
  5. The instructions are reasonably straightforward.
  6. I think you'll find it all quite straightforward.
  7. We recognized that the task was not straightforward.
  8. Installing the program is relatively straightforward.
  9. The answer to this question is deceptively straightforward .
  10. Getting funding for the project was far from straightforward.
  11. Just follow the signs to Bradford - it's very straightforward.

straightforward in the middle of sentence

  1. This is a straightforward task.
  2. That's a very straightforward answer.
  3. It's quite straightforward to get here.
  4. I'm a blunt straightforward man; I hate sham.
  5. We took a straightforward route to the beach.
  6. Jack is tough, but always straightforward and fair.
  7. This is a straightforward case, as these things go.
  8. A straightforward talk is better than a flowery speech.
  9. Disposable nappies are fairly straightforward to put on.
  10. Registering a birth or death is a straightforward procedure.
  11. Roz is straightforward and let's you know what she's thinking.
  12. Look, it's perfectly straightforward?just multiply everything by five.
  13. It's a very complex issue to which there is no straightforward answer.
  14. The article was written in straightforward, almost conversational language.
  15. She is very blunt[sentence dictionary], very straightforward and very honest.
  16. The money is collected in a straightforward way with little margin for error.
  17. There is no straightforward equivalence between economic progress and social well-being.
  18. It would seem to be a general truth that nothing is as straightforward as it at first seems.

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