Use of direct in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include direct at the start of sentence, direct at the end of sentence and direct in the middle of sentence

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direct at the start of sentence

  1. Direct light is better for reading than diffuse light.

direct in the middle of sentence

  1. This is the most direct road.
  2. Is there a direct train to Edinburgh?
  3. He asked me some very direct questions.
  4. We went direct from Beijing to Shanghai.
  5. I'm in direct contact with the hijackers.
  6. He was in direct contravention of the law.
  7. He assumed direct control of key ministries.
  8. His death was a direct result of your action.
  9. They are in direct contact with the hijackers.
  10. Switch to paying your mortgage by direct debit.
  11. This information has a direct bearing on the case.
  12. She has direct responsibility for all new trainees.
  13. There's a direct link between diet and heart disease.
  14. She saw herself as a direct, no-nonsense modern woman.
  15. New staff are trained to work without direct supervision.
  16. Regular exercise has a direct bearing on fitness and health.
  17. If the government raises direct taxation, it will lose votes.
  18. There is no direct reference to her own childhood in the novel.
  19. The failure of the company was a direct result of bad management.
  20. The research will provide direct insight into molecular mechanisms.
  21. There is a direct correlation between exposure to sun and skin cancer.
  22. Can I dial this number direct, or do I have to go through the operator?
  23. The energy an animal uses is in direct relation to speed and body mass.
  24. His wife was the direct inspiration for the main character in the book.
  25. The study also demonstrated a direct link between obesity and mortality.
  26. The builder of the manor house is a direct ancestor of the present owner.
  27. She decided to confront her boss about the situation with direct questioning.
  28. He envisages the possibility of establishing direct diplomatic relations in the future.

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