Use of level in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include level at the start of sentence, level at the end of sentence and level in the middle of sentence

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level at the start of sentence

  1. Level off the shelves with a spirit Level.

level at the end of sentence

  1. My office is at street level .
  2. Take the escalator down to the lower level.
  3. The stadium was 2275 metres above sea level.
  4. The village is 1,000 meters above sea level.
  5. Her weight went down to a satisfactory level.
  6. Religion matters very much at a national level.
  7. You have to join the party at grass-roots level.
  8. Most of the population lives at subsistence level.
  9. He has also had managerial experience on every level.
  10. A degree is prerequisite for employment at this level.
  11. I have ten years' experience at senior management level.

level in the middle of sentence

  1. Do one's level best.
  2. All right. I'll level with you.
  3. The level of unemployment is rising.
  4. Find level ground for the picnic table.
  5. When are you taking A level/your A levels?
  6. Check the oil level in your car every week.
  7. She shows a high level of technical competence.
  8. First we have to lift the level of instruction.
  9. My current level of job satisfaction is pretty low.
  10. Use this technique to control your level of arousal.
  11. He reached ministerial level in the Diplomatic Service.
  12. Surely such weighty matters merit a higher level of debate?
  13. There is already a high level of environmental contamination.
  14. This shortsighted policy will level down university standards.
  15. Investigative journalism presupposes some level of investigation.
  16. Watch the monitor and tell me if the level goes above forty decibels.

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