Use of open in Sentences. 14 Examples

The examples include open at the start of sentence, open at the end of sentence and open in the middle of sentence

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open at the end of sentence

  1. She had fallen and cut her head open.
  2. Her eyelids fluttered but did not open.

open in the middle of sentence

  1. We slept under the open sky.
  2. The canal is open to shipping.
  3. I was forced to open the door.
  4. The library is open every day.
  5. Several avenues are open to us.
  6. Pull this lever to open the gate.
  7. The museum is open to the public.
  8. Is it all right if I open the window?
  9. He slit open the envelope with a knife.
  10. They used brute force to break open the door.
  11. Our office is open from Monday to Friday inclusive.
  12. The competition has been thrown open to the public.

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