Use of ingenuous in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include ingenuous at the start of sentence, ingenuous at the end of sentence and ingenuous in the middle of sentence

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ingenuous in the middle of sentence

  1. She's an ingenuous country girl.
  2. He seemed too ingenuous for a reporter.
  3. His ingenuous nature was always trusting.
  4. She looked at him with an ingenuous smile.
  5. It is ingenuous of you to believe what he says.
  6. She is both ingenuous and sophisticated by turns.
  7. She is too ingenuous in believing what others say.
  8. He is too ingenuous in believing what people say.
  9. It was his ingenuous smile that won Deborah's heart.
  10. With ingenuous sincerity, he captivated his audience.
  11. He is ingenuous, and is liked by the people around him.
  12. She gave ingenuous answers to the strangers'entire question.
  13. The ingenious child told the whole story in ingenuous manner.
  14. Brent's wide ingenuous face was puzzled and mildly indignant.
  15. Only the most ingenuous person would believe such a weak excuse!
  16. His confusion and his ingenuous air were new delights to Bertha.
  17. The ingenuous boy gave an account of his act, concealing nothing.
  18. He found her charming, but perhaps just a shade too ingenuous for him.
  19. It is ingenuous to suppose that money did not play a part in his decision.
  20. The ingenuous person had never thought of being suspicious of what others told him.
  21. The incisive , cultured but unaffected voice matched Peat - Smith's ingenuous appearance.
  22. I wrote to him an ingenuous letter of acknowledgment , craving his forbearance a little longer.
  23. It has to be said it was rather ingenuous of him to ask a complete stranger to look after his luggage.
  24. He had an idea that she knew how to take care of herself a good deal better than the ingenuous May imagined.
  25. However, it is ingenuous to suppose that peace process brokers do not have their strategic interests first and foremost in mind.
  26. it seemed that she always shook off every unpleasant thought with a liveliness that was, at once, charming, ingenuous and roguish.
  27. It is not exactly clear how much of this letter we should take as entirely ingenuous, some of it might possibly be suspected of somewhat glossing over the truth.

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