Use of regurgitate in Sentences. 22 Examples

The examples include regurgitate at the start of sentence, regurgitate at the end of sentence and regurgitate in the middle of sentence

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regurgitate in the middle of sentence

  1. Birds regurgitate food to feed their young.
  2. Don't regurgitate the stuff given in the textbook.
  3. Owls regurgitate partly digested food to feed their young.
  4. Some birds and animals regurgitate food to feed their young.
  5. Many students simply regurgitate what they hear in lectures.
  6. For the exam, you must be able to regurgitate the information.
  7. She tries to get students to think critically, not just regurgitate facts.
  8. His measure of success is his students'capacity to regurgitate factual data.
  9. With bellies full of small fish, will regurgitate a portion for waiting chicks.
  10. When they chew their cud , they regurgitate some food renew all this gas comes out.
  11. The mainstream media also tends to regurgitate the same ol'stats and angles and you.
  12. Gull chicks, for instance, peck at their parents' bills, which causes them to regurgitate food.
  13. The adults extract oil from the sea-creatures they eat and then regurgitate it for their chicks.
  14. The valve regurgitate flow usually occur in multiple mainveins in DDVI, and in femoral veins in DVI.
  15. Anyone wanting further excitement could watch a man swallow and regurgitate a seven foot long chain!
  16. I could learn procedures and facts for a short time and I knew how to regurgitate them for examinations.
  17. Next, they regurgitate digestive fluid into their victim's bodies, essentially liquefying them in their shells.
  18. But he does not simply pontificate from his position as an excellent photographer, or regurgitate standard procedures.
  19. There are no journalists in the country, excluding the poor saps whose job is to regurgitate what the party tells them.
  20. Many birds of prey regurgitate pellets which contain the indigestible remains of their prey, including much of the bone.
  21. It is much easier to regurgitate previously assembled information than to ascertain new relationships and organize original categories and assimilations.
  22. bottle-fed infants more often regurgitate some quantity of a feed , or get a less than perfect balance of fore and hind milk than they might if feeding directly from the breast.

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