Use of rehearse in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include rehearse at the start of sentence, rehearse at the end of sentence and rehearse in the middle of sentence

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rehearse at the start of sentence

  1. Rehearse and role-play the interview with a friend beforehand.

rehearse at the end of sentence

  1. We had scant time to rehearse.
  2. We were given only two weeks to rehearse.
  3. I was tempted to stay and hear this superb orchestra rehearse.
  4. But we still always had a problem finding somewhere to rehearse.
  5. To help this, she has insisted they be given more time to rehearse.
  6. The cast and crew were only given three and a half weeks to rehearse.
  7. Farrelly rented a house nearby and she would play truant, hitching the eight miles there to rehearse.

rehearse in the middle of sentence

  1. We had no time to rehearse for the play.
  2. The actors began to rehearse a few scenes.
  3. It gave him time to rehearse his little speech.
  4. I think we need to rehearse the first scene again.
  5. Angus: Me, too. Now, we better rehearse some carols!
  6. We must carefully structure and rehearse each scene.
  7. I eat in my room, and usually I rehearse with the cast.
  8. Anticipate any tough questions and rehearse your answers.
  9. Mind, I did rehearse the walk-on, which is quite critical.
  10. We encouraged them to rehearse what they were going to say.
  11. It was an opportunity to rehearse for my own mortality, right?
  12. The director made us rehearse the opening scenes over and over.
  13. Good gymnasts rehearse their moves mentally before a competition.
  14. I need an orchestra and a conductor and a clean hall to rehearse in.
  15. We continued to rehearse/continued rehearsing the chorus after the break.
  16. The orchestra was not playing it in time, so I made them rehearse it at a slower tempo.
  17. So far it was only Jane, but she was still hoping to rehearse with Bill in their spare time.
  18. The situation is difficult to cope with unless you rehearse in advance some useful strategies.
  19. We decided eventually that the time had come to rehearse this seriously and he was very happy about it.
  20. The arguments for and against capping offered in response to this question tended merely to rehearse those already discussed.
  21. The patient might rehearse in imagination the most constructive alternative so that he may readily adopt it if a crisis occurs.

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