Use of recite in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include recite at the start of sentence, recite at the end of sentence and recite in the middle of sentence

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recite at the start of sentence

  1. Recite the poem from the beginning.

recite at the end of sentence

  1. It's my turn to recite.

recite in the middle of sentence

  1. Each student had to recite a poem.
  2. We were taught to recite the catechism.
  3. All Erma had to do was recite the lines.
  4. She can recite the whole poem from memory.
  5. He loved to recite his personal experiences.
  6. They recite the verse earnestly and proudly.
  7. Dinah began to recite the lines from Cymbeline.
  8. She could recite large portions of Shakespeare.
  9. Buerger said she can recite phrases from the film.
  10. She could recite a list of all the kings and queens.
  11. The little boy refused to recite at the evening party.
  12. Don't jerk out your words,try to recite more smoothly.
  13. And then recite a list of all the things she resented.
  14. He closed his eyes and began to recite a Buddhist mantra.
  15. All he could do was recite a list of Government failings.
  16. To my amazement, he was able to recite the whole poem from memory.
  17. I would like the Imam Sahib to recite the opening verses of the Koran.
  18. My father can still recite the poems he learned off by heart at school.
  19. I repeated them until I could recite seventy stories without dropping a word.
  20. Suppose you were required, as a child, to recite a poem in front of your class.
  21. He was a man of few words except when he mounted the stage to recite his poetry.
  22. But merely to recite examples of improvised education was to reveal their inadequacy.
  23. He came because he could recite poems, particularly Rudyard Kipling, and at great length.
  24. She then proceeded to recite a bitter list of all the failed marriages which we had in our midst or knew of.
  25. She knew the origin of every obscure couplet imaginable, and could usually recite the whole poem which went with it.
  26. Nobody dissented and the company stood to recite the opening chapter of the Koran under the leadership of the al-Sharifi.
  27. The imposing figure made them so nervous that they forgot to recite the statements they had carefully rehearsed the night before.

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