Use of lesson in Sentences. 24 Examples

The examples include lesson at the start of sentence, lesson at the end of sentence and lesson in the middle of sentence

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lesson at the end of sentence

  1. What did we do last lesson?
  2. Drawing is my favorite lesson.
  3. Well, that'll teach you a lesson.
  4. I'll deal with decimals in the next lesson.
  5. The accident taught him an important lesson.
  6. She hadn't been attending during the lesson.
  7. If you fail,don't forget to learn your lesson.
  8. The teacher examined the students on the previous lesson.
  9. Finally, the teacher recapped the main points of the lesson.
  10. Mr. Brown thought it a good chance to teach his son a lesson.
  11. His sailing instructor fell overboard and drowned during a lesson.

lesson in the middle of sentence

  1. Let this be a lesson to you.
  2. courage is a lesson to us all.
  3. This lesson is impressed on my mind.
  4. I've got a piano lesson later today.
  5. Our first lesson on Tuesdays is French.
  6. This lesson is divided into four units.
  7. He illustrates the lesson with a picture.
  8. This lesson adds to the value of the book.
  9. The teacher illustrated his lesson with pictures.
  10. The first lesson in driving is how to start the car.
  11. We can sum up the main point of the lesson in three sentences.
  12. It was an object lesson in how to use television as a means of persuasion.
  13. Having my car stolen really taught me a lesson - I'll never leave it unlocked again.

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