Use of tutorial in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tutorial at the start of sentence, tutorial at the end of sentence and tutorial in the middle of sentence

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tutorial at the start of sentence

  1. Tutorial colleges can offer academic success where the almamater has failed.

tutorial at the end of sentence

  1. I still felt queasy from Martha's tutorial.
  2. If possible, duplicate and distribute copies well in advance of the tutorial.

tutorial in the middle of sentence

  1. An online tutorial is provided.
  2. Lectures have replaced the old tutorial system.
  3. The tutorial screen is full of buttons and icons.
  4. An on-screen tutorial is included in the price of the software.
  5. Note: This does not mean monopolizing the tutorial with long speeches.
  6. Does it really make sense to conceive of a tutorial existing in isolation?
  7. Thus tutorial support of students' progress remains an important teaching strategy.
  8. Liberal education, for example, is best given in small colleges, in a tutorial mode.
  9. Either prose composition or other linguistic exercises form the basis for tutorial work.
  10. Each module involves 18 hours of lectures, plus additional practical and tutorial sessions.
  11. The rest of the install proceeds but the tutorial files must then be copied across manually.
  12. I did the tutorial that came with the package deal and learned a lot through trial and error.
  13. The tutorial supplied is excellent and more than makes up for the formal style of the manuals.
  14. They were distributed across nine tutorial Classes, twenty-five other courses and ten study circles.
  15. She may also participate in the ward teaching, either at the bedside or by leading tutorial sessions.
  16. The 400-page tutorial and reference manual is daunting, but the program itself is easy to understand.
  17. A training shell is a generalised tutorial system which can operate with a variety of knowledge bases.
  18. The tutorial programs in Boston were using them and so were many of the more enlightened private schools.
  19. Some systems operators provide so-called tutorial files, in which users can practise searches at low cost.
  20. Each program is designed so that most students complete it in 45 to 50 mins, ie. the average tutorial hour.
  21. Most of the teaching was offered in small tutorial groups with close association between staff and students.
  22. The tutorial provides the opportunity to develop themes or discuss problems usually on the basis of written work.
  23. Taught by one supervisor by regular tutorial instruction; essays and reports required during autumn and spring terms.
  24. His work will include much personal advisory work with students, which is similar to a lecturer's tutorial responsibilities.
  25. A very comprehensive manual, telephone help line and a full on-screen tutorial are all included in the price of the software.
  26. Sell or otherwise distribute for consideration copies of student practice and/or tutorial disks to students or any other third party.

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