Use of session in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include session at the start of sentence, session at the end of sentence and session in the middle of sentence

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session at the end of sentence

  1. The court is now in session.
  2. They will go into secret session.
  3. Congress is now in out of session.
  4. Board members met in closed session .
  5. The two leaders emerged for a photo session.
  6. This matter will go over until the next session.
  7. The conference might reconvene after its opening session.
  8. The resolution was carried at the previous plenary session.
  9. They briskly exchanged greetings before starting the session.
  10. The coalition bulldozed the resolution through the plenary session.
  11. Two soccer fans plunged to their deaths after a heavy drinking session.

session in the middle of sentence

  1. This session was strictly for the boys.
  2. Is Parliament in session during the summer?
  3. The legislative session prorogued yesterday.
  4. He established himself as a session musician.
  5. Eventually the session came to a merciful end.
  6. The parliamentary session ends on October 4th.
  7. We're having a brainstorming session on Friday.
  8. I'll be at the plenary session of the conference.
  9. Parliament will be in session until 15th December.
  10. The parliamentary session is due to end on May 27th.
  11. The president addressed a closed session of Congress.
  12. The tribunal held its first session later that month.
  13. A follow-up session was held after the initial meeting.
  14. She has a weekly session at the health club on Saturdays.
  15. Swimming a little further each session will build endurance.
  16. An introduction session helps new students get their bearings.
  17. The programme was approved at a plenary session of the Central Committee last week.
  18. The Social Democratic Party has vowed to try to stall the bill until the current session ends.

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