Use of assembly in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include assembly at the start of sentence, assembly at the end of sentence and assembly in the middle of sentence

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assembly at the end of sentence

  1. The motion was put to the assembly.
  2. He rang the bell for school assembly.
  3. The head teacher told the school at assembly.
  4. All pupils are expected to attend school assembly.
  5. Each component is carefully checked before assembly.
  6. This pneumatic tool will double the speed of assembly.
  7. He waited until complete quiet settled on the assembly.
  8. Governor William Livingston addressed the New Jersey assembly.
  9. Several proposals are under consideration by the state assembly.
  10. The president announced the dissolution of the National assembly.
  11. The organizers of the march were charged with assault and riotous assembly .

assembly in the middle of sentence

  1. We hold an assembly every morning.
  2. Cheers rang out from the assembly hall.
  3. The General assembly is held twice a year.
  4. There's a religious assembly every morning.
  5. Morning assembly is held in the school hall.
  6. Robots are replacing people on assembly lines.
  7. The National assembly has discussed the crisis.
  8. This factory deals with final assembly and testing.
  9. Any kind of assembly was suppressed in this country.
  10. The national assembly has voted to adopt the budget.
  11. The present assembly will be dissolved on April 30th.
  12. The assembly adopted a resolution approving the scheme.
  13. The deputy headmaster was taking school assembly that day.
  14. The assembly arrogated to itself the right to make changes.
  15. Last year the millionth truck rolled off the assembly line.
  16. Restrictions on freedom of assembly have gradually been relaxed.
  17. The assembly voted to delay the legislation to allow further consultation to take place.
  18. Everyone would go into the hall for assembly and then afterwards we'd go to our respective classes.

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