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geological at the start of sentence

  1. Geological evidence proves beyond doubt that it is three million years old.

geological in the middle of sentence

  1. It is all spread out like a geological rainbow.
  2. The other strand concerns the local geological history.
  3. Peter Ward is a seismologist with the US geological Survey.
  4. The mines had been closed down following a geological survey.
  5. The geological record of the phylum is accordingly excellent.
  6. More geological evidence found later proved the theory correct.
  7. Six months were spent in a gold mine as a geological assistant.
  8. Several geological factors may explain this apparent discrepancy.
  9. The workers skirted the edge of the cliff on a geological survey.
  10. Concentrators in geological sciences elect either geology or geography.
  11. Nobody, not even the Labour party, could change the geological conditions.
  12. The geological map, Fig. 7, shows the distribution of the main Lewisian types.
  13. Potatopot has continued efficiently despite ever increasing geological difficulties.
  14. It is not surprising that its geological evolution also lies between these extremes.
  15. Older craters on the Earth have been erased by weathering and by geological activity.
  16. Scarborough Council commissioned geological experts earlier this year to survey the cliffs.
  17. The geological prospecting team ranged over the desert in search of valuable deposits of oil.
  18. The students of the geological class will be out on field exploration for the duration of the school year.
  19. In geological materials, luminescence is commonly controlled by the balance of activator and quencher centres.
  20. One of the first tasks for the architects of Worldwide Plaza was to determine the geological makeup of the site.
  21. This region of unusual geological features is home to a number of endangered species, including ocelot and jaguar.
  22. They were tempted by the vast underground riches of a country whose subsoil has been described as a geological scandal.
  23. Previously he had been engaged in making a geological map of Devon and he now continued this work in an official capacity.
  24. Such examination may also help us to determine provenance by revealing inclusions characteristic of particular geological sources.
  25. The map represents an interpretation of the results of fieldwork sampling within a theoretical framework - the geological paradigm.
  26. Chesapeake believes there are substantial oil and gas reserves in this eastern leg of the geological formation known as the Austin chalk.
  27. The results of these investigations are being integrated with new geophysical data to produce a three-dimensional geological model of the area.
  28. Life-size dinosaur models tower above the Prehistoric Park where authentic geological formations include mountain uplift, volcano, swampland and inland sea.

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